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Holger Starke (born January 11, 1962 in Dresden ) is a German historian and author.

His dissertation from the brewing trade to the brewing industry: the industrialization of the brewery in the Dresden area in the context of the industrialization of the Saxon brewing trade (1800–1914) was supervised by Reiner Groß , then professor for Saxon regional history at the TU Chemnitz . His doctorate was on April 16, 2004. His dissertation was published in 2005 by Böhlau Verlag . In a review by Roman Köster in the Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte , the dissertation has too little focus on the economic-historical aspects of the topic. However, the reviewer finds that the work "[...] contains a broad source base and numerous interesting findings, which will certainly fertilize the historiography of the industrialization of the brewery trade [...]". In 2006 Holger Starke was editor of the third volume of the "History of the City of Dresden". The volume was discussed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Andreas Platthaus in the summary with "[...] because it will set the standard for completeness and meticulousness for decades".

Holger Starke is curator for economic and social history at the Dresden City Museum .

List of works

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  • Holger Starke (Hrsg.): Dresden: Views of a city . Ed. Leipzig, Leipzig 1992, ISBN 3-361-00345-8 .

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