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Horst Roigk (* October 23, 1931 ; † March 2000 ) worked as an officer in the GDR's economy and within the Ministry for State Security (MfS) for decades in key positions, for example in the Ministry of Internal German Trade, Foreign Trade and Material Supply .

Horst Roigk was head of the coordination department in the MfS main department XVIII, which was responsible for safeguarding the GDR's economy, and then the first head of the commercial coordination department, which was then emerging .


In 1955 Roigk joined the Ministry of State Security. In 1966, as OibE in the Ministry of Foreign Trade (MAH), he was acting head of the commercial coordination department, which is currently being established .

In October 1973 Roigk received his PhD. jur. at the Juristic College Potsdam (JHS) of the MfS. The subject of the dissertation was: The political-operational leadership of a group of experts in the Ministry of Foreign Trade in the process of uncovering, preventing and fighting hostile attacks against the foreign trade relations of the German Democratic Republic to the non-socialist economic area .

Later he was head of department at HA XVIII / 4, responsible until 1989 a. a. for the State Planning Commission (SPK).

His last MfS rank was a colonel .


The areas of Department 4 headed by Roigk included: Central Planning and Finance; State Planning Commission, Ministries of Finance and Materials Management, State Bank , Central Administration for Statistics, State Secretariats for Labor and Wages, for Vocational Training, Office for Prices , Central Contracting Court.

Roigk, who initially headed the coordination department in HA XVIII of the MfS, was responsible as head of the control and inspection department in the MAI for the processing of the so-called church business and managed the business of the commercial division founded in April 1966 with effect from October 1, 1966 Relationships, later commercial coordination until he was replaced as head by Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski . On December 7, 1966, Schalck-Golodkowski was officially confirmed by the GDR Council of Ministers in his new role as Deputy Foreign Trade Minister and Head of Commercial Coordination. The church business was taken over by Roigk's deputy, Manfred Seidel .

In 1980, Horst Roigk and three employees were given the task of analyzing the state of the GDR's economy in the run-up to the Xth Party Congress in order to provide “information”. After a week, the “expert result” on the economic situation was devastating, especially with regard to the external economic situation. The gross indebtedness to the West was over DM 30 billion and to the USSR 7 to 8 billion GDR marks . Annually, DM 2 to 3 billion was missing for repayments, interest payments and financing of imports. Thus the GDR was already facing collapse in 1980.

After the reunification and peaceful revolution in the GDR, Roigk was a member of the Initiative Group for the Protection of Social Rights (ISOR). He last lived in Neuenhagen near Berlin and died at the age of 68.


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