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Hostin Hradec (also Hostinhradek ; Hostin Hradecz , Hosczin Hradek ; German Hostas Burg or Burg des Hosta ) is a lost high medieval castle in the Czech Republic . It was probably located in the north-east Bohemian region, but has not yet been localized. The castle was in 1140 as a place of death of Přemyslidenherzogs Soběslav I mentioned.


According to a writing by the Vyšehrad canons , Soběslav spent his last weeks of life at the Hostin Hradec Castle from Christmas 1139 after contracting a fatal disease on his Chvojna ( Chwoyno ) farm in eastern Bohemia, from which he died on February 14, 1140.

Localization attempts

  • Based on the similarity of names between Hostin Hradec and Hostinné ( Arnau ), attempts were made to locate the castle mostly in the Hostinné area.
    • In the past, Hostin Hradec was often equated with the old Hostinné Castle .
    • Nearby is the Castle Hill, on which Nové Zámky Castle was built at the end of the 17th century in place of an old fortress . Sommer / Zippe speculate here the location of Soběslavs Castle above the ford of the old Silesian Road over the Elbe .
    • The Bradlo (519 m) rises above the Elbe valley near Debrné to the south. Between the 13th and 14th centuries there was a castle belonging to the Teutonic Knights Coming to the Bohemian Region . In modern sources, hostess Hradec is often assumed to be on the Bradlo .
  • Based on the prince's serious illness, it is assumed that the Hostin Hradec castle must have been located near his Chvojna ( Chwoyno ) court . This is suspected in Vysoké Chvojno or in Königinhof . After that, the Na Hradcích hill (335 m) between Holice , Ostřetín and Veliny could be the site of the castle , on which, according to tradition, there was a Velký Hradec castle and the remains of ramparts have been preserved.
  • Further interpretations suggest today's Hradec Králové under hostess Hradec .


Individual evidence

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