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Hot Action Cop is a crosso association from the US American Nashville , which was founded by Rob Werthner. Their debut album "Hot Action Cop" was released in 2003. The band also recorded a number of tracks for soundtracks, e. B. for American Pie 3 , Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and Swat .


Singer Rob Werthner has a considerable number of musical influences. So there is a lot of Fishbone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the sound of the band , paired with harmonious sounds. Hip-hop sounds and punk can be found in the self-titled debut album .

On the subject of “Where did the band name come from?” Says frontman Werthner: “I wanted a name with a little disrespect that made people think. In the early 1990s, the NYPD (New York Police Department) had a guy who wore a full mullet hairstyle. It was so out there that we just called him 'Hot Action Cop'. "

Werthner only played in New York at the time before moving to Tennessee . Tennessee is much smaller, which is why he hoped to get known there faster. He also says that he had his best time in Nashville. He could concentrate on his things. The people there were also very different. Unlike New York City , Nashville people just lived without worrying about how they looked. Then two years ago, he had finished some songs when the phone rang and he had to put a band together.

The drummer Kory Knipp and the bassist Luis Espaillat came to Werthner's studio when he was recording some songs there. They helped on a few tracks and Werthner liked their attitude so he hired them as band members. Tim Flaherty eventually joined as a guitarist. The lyrics to the album Hot Action Cop come from Werthner's desperate love life and are his direct reaction to the many women he had a date with. He says, “When I moved to Tennessee, I separated from the woman I came here with. I had dates with seven different women at the same time - it was nightmarish. I told them straight out that I still meet other people, and the girls all said they didn't mind until they suddenly revealed that it bothered them. "

Sometimes they spontaneously start "jamming" and throw in a few covers . For example, they then play harder versions of the songs Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd or Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley .



Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
2003 Hot action cop DE88 (1 week)
AT55 (2 weeks)
- - -
First published: 2003

more publishments

  • 2002: Nutbag (EP)
  • 2009: 2009 (EP)
  • 2014: Listen Up!

Singles (chart successes)

year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
2003 Fever for the Flava
Hot Action Cop
DE56 (7 weeks)
AT48 (5 weeks)
- UK41 (2 weeks)
First published: May 2003


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