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Hot Club d'Allemagne is a German jazz band that was founded in 2002.

The gypsy swing formation Hot Club d'Allemagne was founded in Leipzig in 2002 by jazz violinist Thomas Prokein and guitarist Karl-Heinz Vogel - together with Klaus Jacob ( guitar ) and Hendrik Bertram ( bass ). The model was the Quintette du Hot Club de France founded in 1934 by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli . Initially, one focus was on the interpretation of the repertoire of the great musical models of European gypsy swing, but this tradition was soon further developed and revived with own compositions, especially from the pen of Karl-Heinz Vogel.

The Hot Club d'Allemagne appeared several times in the Kultur-Café of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk , at the Jazz Days Dresden 2008, receptions of the city of Leipzig, representative company events, at the Leipzig Opera Ball or together with Martin Weiss at the Hommage à Grappelli, Leipzig 2008. A special highlight was the concert as part of the “Jazz in the Semperoper ” series, Dresden 2004. In November of the same year Georg Prokein joined the band as a new bass player. The Hot Club d'Allemagne has been establishing its own small concert series at the Schaubühne Lindenfels in Leipzig since 2008.


Works / titles (selection)

  • Swing de manouche (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Swing de flâneur (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • For José (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Lulu Swing (Lulu Reinhardt, Haens'che Weiss)
  • Algiers (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Manoir de mes rêves (Django Reinhardt)
  • Deux guitares (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Stompin 'at Decca (Django Reinhardt)
  • Valse romantique (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Romanie (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Dorado Swing (Dorado Schmitt)
  • Bossa mélancolique (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Never be alone (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Nuages ​​(Django Reinhardt)
  • Space Shuffle (Karl-Heinz Vogel)
  • Tornado Swing (Karl-Heinz Vogel)


  • CD - "Swing de flâneur", 2006, querstand
  • CD - »Hot and Spicy - Christmas for Body and Soul«, 2006, querstand
  • CD - "Rendezvous avec Django Reinhardt", September 2009, querstand

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