Iban von Rothenstein

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Iban von Rothenstein (* 14th century; † May 19, 1439 in Marienberg Monastery ) came from the Swabian noble family of Rothenstein . He is the younger brother of Gerwig von Rothenstein and came from the line of Friedrich von Rothenstein , which went out in 1562.


Iban von Rothenstein was abbot in the monastery of Füssen from 1410 . In 1426 he obtained a confirmation of all freedoms and goods of the monastery in Füssen from King Sigismund . For unknown reasons, he resigned as abbot in 1426 and left the monastery. During his time as abbot in Füssen, Iban took part in the Council of Constance in 1417 and in the Benedictine provincial chapter in Petershausen . In 1427 he moved to the Marienberg monastery in Vintschgau in Tyrol and became abbot there after the death of Abbot Heinrich Forster. This was only possible due to bribery and purchase of the office of Bishop of Chur and Duke Friedrich of Austria. As early as 1429, however, he also left this monastery and went back to Füssen, from where he set off on a pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem. After his return in 1432 he was again abbot, this time in the Wessobrunn monastery in Bavaria. Iban was first mentioned in a document on July 4, 1432. According to various sources, he either abdicated voluntarily on March 11, 1438 or was deposed by Bishop Peter von Schaumberg of Augsburg at the instigation of Duke Ernst of Bavaria . The reason for the abdication was either that he did not want to punish a murder committed by his servants or was even involved in it himself. Then he went back to Marienberg with a servant. Iban von Rothenstein died on May 19, 1439 in Marienberg Monastery. In the necrology of the Wessobrunn monastery on April 25, 1439 he is named as Ybanus abbas huius loci . Another entry by him can be found in the necrology of the Füssen monastery from April 20, 1439.


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Friedrich Stettener Abbot of Wessobrunn
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Ulrich VI. Stoeckl