Ibrahim Dervish Pasha

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Ibrahim Dervish Pasha

Ibrahim Dervish Pasha ( Turkish İbrahim Derviş Paşa , * 1811 or 1812 in the then Ottoman Lofça ; †  June 21, 1896 in Istanbul ) was general of the Ottoman army .

He received his military training at the school of engineering troops , attended the École des mines in Paris from 1839 to 1842 , then became director of various mines in Asia Minor, then professor of chemistry and physics at the military school in İstanbul, 1849 division general, 1854 Turkish commissioner in the Danube Principalities , 1855 supreme director of all military schools in the empire, 1861 general director of mines and forests, 1862 commander of an army corps against Montenegro , then for a time ambassador in Saint Petersburg , 1875 governor general in Bosnia and Herzegovinawhere he promoted the spread of an insurrection by his harshness, and in 1877 commander in Batum , which he defended with such skill that the Russians made not the slightest progress in eight months.

After the peace he had to hand Batum over to the Russians, became commander of the 4th Army Corps in Erzerum and in 1879 of the Guard in Constantinople and in 1880 Governor General of Macedonia . Here he subjugated rebellious Albanians , forced them to evacuate Dulcigno and in 1882 was commissioned to restore order in Egypt ; but he did nothing there. From 1888 he was adjutant general to the grand lord.

İbrahim Derviş Paşa died of tuberculosis on June 21, 1896 in İstanbul.


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