Ilya Florentjewitsch Florow

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Ilja Florentjewitsch Florow ( Russian Илья Флорентьевич Флоров , scientific transliteration Ilja Florentjevič Florov ; * August 5, 1908 , † 1983 ) was a Russian aircraft designer.

Borowkow-Florow biplane I-207


In 1935, Florow and Alexei Andrejewitsch Borowkow designed an unusual biplane aircraft, the Borowkow-Florow I-207 . Florow also dealt with jet engines , both ramjet and rocket engines .

Together with Borowkow he was chief designer in OKB -207, which was founded in Dolgoprudnyi in 1938 . A fighter aircraft design with swept wings , the Borowkow-Florow BF-D , was equipped with a piston engine and two ramjet engines and was in the final stages of development in 1941. The project was discontinued due to the war events.

After the Great Patriotic War, Florov took part in the development of the rocket engines of the Soviet space program and worked with Sergei Korolev , among others . In addition to the theoretical basics of rocket engine technology, he also worked on practical implementation.

In 1970 he became a doctor of technical sciences.


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