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The Calw Chamber of Commerce and Commerce or Calw Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( IHK Calw ) was a Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Calw from 1866 to 1934 . It went on in the Rottweil Chamber of Commerce and Industry .


In the Kingdom of Württemberg , private chambers of commerce were set up in Stuttgart , Heilbronn , Reutlingen and Ulm in 1843 , i.e. without a legal basis or mandate. As an umbrella organization, they founded the Württemberg Trade Association.

By royal decree of April 19, 1854 it was decreed that chambers of commerce and trade were to be formed in the “most commercial cities” in the country. The members should be appointed by the king. It was only after the king conceded the choice of members by the companies that the private chambers of commerce dissolved and the new chambers were the only representatives of the economy. The demand for the election of members of the Chamber was implemented in the election ordinance of February 17, 1858. The chamber members were elected in a complicated process by the traders and traders in the chamber district. There were no separate chambers of crafts . A third of the members of the chamber had to be craftsmen, merchants and manufacturers. The chambers were not financed through levies, but from state funds.

The chamber districts were cut relatively large. Therefore, on March 17, 1866, the Ministry of the Interior approved the formation of four further chambers in Calw, Heidenheim , Ravensburg and Rottweil.

The chamber district of the Rottweil Chamber of Commerce and Industry comprised the regional offices of Calw , Freudenstadt , Herrenberg , Nagold and Neuenbürg . On February 3, 1867, the Chamber was constituted under President Ferdinand von Steinbeis .

With the seizure of power by the National Socialists, the self-management of the economy ended. The chamber was brought into line , the councils in accordance with the " leader principle " by the president Fritz Kiehn appointed.

The Calw Chamber of Commerce was dissolved by the ordinance of the State Ministry of July 31, 1934. Most of the chamber district was assigned to the district of the chamber in Rottweil. In 1946 the rest (the northern part of the district of Horb, which corresponded to the former Oberamt Horb) was assigned to the chamber district of Rottweil.

Chamber chairperson

  • 1867–1870, Councilor of Commerce Johann Georg Doertenbach , Calw, member of the state parliament
  • 1870–1875, manufacturer H. Louis Wagner , whitewashing, Calw
  • 1875–1889, manufacturer Julius Staelin , cotton mill owner , Calw, member of the state and Reichstag
  • 1890–1896 Manufacturer H. Louis Wagner, whitewashing, Calw
  • 1896–1908, Commercial Counselor Emil Zöpperitz , ceiling manufacturer, Calw
  • 1908–1923, Kommerzienrat Georg Wagner , ceiling manufacturer, Calw
  • 1923–1934, Erwin Sannwald , ceiling manufacturer, Calw


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rottweil am Neckar , 1867–1953