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The Oberamt Herrenberg was an administrative district in Württemberg (on map # 23 attached ) , which was renamed the Herrenberg district in 1934 and dissolved in 1938, with its communities being divided between the Böblingen and Tübingen districts. For general remarks on the Württemberg upper offices, see Oberamt (Württemberg) .

Map of the Württemberg upper offices, as of 1926


Oberamt Herrenberg, territorial status 1813, with the former rule and office boundaries

The city of Herrenberg had been the capital of a Württemberg bailiwick since 1382. The resulting old Württemberg office, since 1758 Oberamt, was enlarged in several steps to the south from 1806. In addition, there were places in old Württemberg that had previously belonged to other offices, as well as formerly Upper Austrian or knightly condominium shares . On the other hand, the "Stäble" (Unteramt Remmingsheim) was handed over to the Oberamt Rottenburg in 1808 . After the reorganization, the neighbors were the upper offices of Böblingen , Tübingen , Rottenburg, Horb , Nagold and Calw .

Former gentlemen

The components of the Oberamt belonged to the following rulers in 1800:

  • Duchy of Württemberg
    Most of the old Württemberg places belonged to the secular Oberamt Herrenberg. Other offices included:
    • Office Tübingen: Breitenholz, Entringen, as well as co-administered rent chamber property Pfäffingen and the Württemberg share (1/3) in the rule Poltringen;
    • Bebenhausen monastery office: Reusten, Unterjesingen with Roseck, Unteröschelbronn;
    • Altensteig office: Unterjettingen;
    • Nagold Office: Bondorf;
    • Wildberg Office: Oberjettingen, Sindlingen.
  • Front Austria
    1/2 Altingen belonged to the county of Niederhohenberg.
  • Imperial Knighthood
    A 2/3 share in the rule Poltringen (with Oberndorf), as an Austrian fiefdom owned by the barons of Ulm-Erbach, was enrolled in the knightly canton of Neckar-Black Forest .


Population figures 1853

The following communities were assigned to the Herrenberg Oberamt, which was part of the Black Forest District , in 1853 :

No. former parish Residents
today's parish
1 Herrenberg 2355 19th Herrenberg
2 Affstätt 377 1 Herrenberg
3 Altingen 535 414 Ammerbuch
4th Bondorf 1439 2 Bondorf
5 Width wood 581 6th Ammerbuch
6th Wrestling with high wrestling 1416 6
13 Misc.
7th Garden rings 1578 4th Garden rings
8th Valid stone 1022 - Herrenberg
9 Haslach 347 - Herrenberg
10 Hildrizhausen 1066 3
2 Misc.
11 Kayh 676 - Herrenberg
12 Kuppingen 1153 3 Herrenberg
13 Mönchberg 463 2 Herrenberg
14th Mötzingen 958 2 Mötzingen
15th Nebringen 411 - Gäufelden
16 Nufringen 1279 2 Nufringen
17th Ober-Jesingen 774 7th Herrenberg
18th Ober-Jettingen 900 5 Jettingen
19th Oberndorf - 750 Rottenburg am Neckar
20th Oeschelbronn 882 4th Gäufelden
21st Pfaffingen 493 1 Ammerbuch
22nd Pole rings 7th 643 Ammerbuch
23 Repentance 668 6th Ammerbuch
24 Rohrau 537 - Garden rings
25th Thailfingen 672 - Gäufelden
26th Unter-Jesingen with Roseck 1267 4th Tübingen
27 Unter-Jettingen with Sindlingen 904 5 Jettingen
  total 22760 1889
15 otherwise

Changes in the community since 1813

Parishes and
marks around 1860
Head office building in Herrenberg, Kirchgasse 2

In 1824 Unter- and Oberöschelbronn merged to form the municipality of Öschelbronn.

In 1842 the Hagelloch community moved from the Herrenberg Upper Office to the Tübingen Upper Office.

Around 1850 Sindlingen, previously formally assigned to Oberjettingen as a court domain , was incorporated into the municipality of Unterjettingen.

Head of office


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