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Map of the Württemberg upper offices, as of 1926

The Oberamt Nagold was an administrative district in western Württemberg (on attached map # 35) , which was renamed the Nagold district in 1934 and was largely incorporated into the Calw district in 1938 . For general remarks on the Württemberg upper offices, see Oberamt (Württemberg) .


Oberamt Nagold, territorial status 1813, with the former rule and office boundaries

Although large parts of the upper and middle Nagold Valley belonged to Württemberg before 1800, the area did not form a historical unit. An indication of the former territorial fragmentation of the transition zone between the Black Forest and Heckengäu is the existence of five medieval towns on less than 300 km². Nagold , among them the largest, had been the capital of a Württemberg office since the 14th century. The territories acquired with the cities of Wildberg (1440) and Altensteig (1603) were added to the administrative structure as independent offices. Within their limits, the three offices, since 1758 senior offices, preserved the historical development up to the great territorial and administrative reform of the Napoleonic era. In 1807, monastery offices and rent chamber property were integrated into the secular offices, the Oberamt Wildberg dissolved, the Oberamt Altensteig initially even enlarged, but also abolished in 1810 and distributed to the districts of Nagold and Calw. Neighbors of the Upper Office Nagold, which was assigned to the Black Forest District from 1818 to 1924, were the Wuerttemberg Upper Office of Neuenbürg , Calw , Herrenberg , Horb , Freudenstadt and the Grand Duchy of Baden after the reorganization .

Former gentlemen

In 1813, after the regional reform was completed, the district was made up of parts that had belonged to the following rulers in 1800:

  • Duchy of Württemberg
    • Nagold office: Nagold, Beihingen, Bösingen, Ebershardt, Emmingen, Haiterbach, Iselshausen, Oberschwandorf, Schietingen, Wart;
    • Altensteig office: Altensteig (town and village), Beuren, Ettmannsweiler, Mindersbach, Pfrondorf, Rotfelden, Simmersfeld, Spielberg, Walddorf, plus Egenhausen and Enztal as jointly managed Rentkammergut;
    • Wildberg Office: Wildberg, Ebhausen, Effringen, Validlingen, Schönbronn, Ober- and Unter-Sulz;
    • Office Calw: Wenden;
    • Neuenbürg office: Fünfbronn;
    • Reutin Monastery Office: Reutin, Monhardt.
  • Imperial Knighthood
    In the knightly canton of Neckar-Black Forest of the Swabian knighthood, the lords of Berneck ( Lords of Validlingen ) and Unterschwandorf (Barons Kechler of Schwandorf) were enrolled.
  • Vorderösterreich
    The sovereignty of the Talheim rulership, which was given to the Kechler von Schwandorf as an Austrian fief, was disputed between the feudal lord and the knight's canton.
  • Order of St. John
    Coming Rohrdorf.


Population figures 1862

The following municipalities were subordinate to the Nagold District Office in 1862:

former parish Population 1862 today's parish
  evangel. catholic  
Nagold 2378 51 Nagold
Altensteig (city) 2029 19th Altensteig
Altensteig (village) 164 - Altensteig
Hang up 284 3 Haiterbach
Berneck 407 8th Altensteig
Beuren 152 - Simmersfeld
Bösingen 498 7th Pfalzgrafenweiler
Ebershardt 368 - Ebhausen
Ebhausen 1343 13 Ebhausen
Effring 675 5 Wildberg
Egenhausen 821 3 Egenhausen
Emmingen 612 - Nagold
Enzthal 529 1 Enzklösterle
Ettmannsweiler 187 - Simmersfeld
Funfbronn 326 - Simmersfeld
Garrweiler 162 - Altensteig
Gaugenwald 175 1 Neuweiler
Validlingen 1023 2 Wildberg
Haiterbach 1095 17th Haiterbach
Iselshausen 346 1 Nagold
Mindersbach 306 4th Nagold
Oberschwandorf 546 17th Haiterbach
Oberthalheim 15th 555 Horb am Neckar
Pfrondorf 306 - Nagold
Rohrdorf 648 28 Rohrdorf
Rothfelden 605 3 Ebhausen
Schietingen 290 3 Nagold
Schönbronn 522 5 Wildberg
Simmersfeld 506 1 Simmersfeld
Spielberg 542 - Altensteig
Sulz 810 3 Wildberg
Überberg 1 359 - Altensteig
Unterschwandorf 32 99 Haiterbach
Unterthalheim 14th 740 Horb am Neckar
Forest village 950 - Altensteig
Warth 374 3 Altensteig
Turn 185 - Ebhausen
Wildberg 1682 12 Wildberg
total 22866 1604  

The community consisting of the hamlets of Heselbronn, Lengenloch and Zumweiler was sometimes called Zumweiler .

Changes in the community since 1813

Parishes and marks around 1860

1834 Monhardt was of Ebhausen by forest village umgemeindet .

In 1838 Enztal was separated from Simmersfeld and raised to the status of an independent municipality.

In 1935 Enztal was merged with Enzklösterle (Neuenbürg district) and thus left the Nagold district.

Head of office


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