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Intermission in Mannheim at Sunshine live "Die 90er - Live On Stage" (2017)
(from left to right: Lori Glori and Alleykat aka Big Daddi)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Piece of My Heart
  DE 82 01/02/1995 (8 weeks)
Piece of My Heart (with Valerie Scott)
  DE 8th 10/11/1993 (22 weeks)
  AT 9 10/17/1993 (16 weeks)
  CH 40 12/12/1993 (8 weeks)
Six Days (with Lori Glori )
  DE 20th 05/16/1994 (11 weeks)
  AT 18th 05/15/1994 (11 weeks)
  CH 22nd 05/22/1994 (10 weeks)
Give Peace a Chance
  DE 29 11/21/1994 (13 weeks)
  CH 25th 11/27/1994 (5 weeks)
All Together Now
  CH 38 04/02/1995 (2 weeks)
Planet Love
  DE 24 07/31/1995 (12 weeks)
  AT 26th 09/17/1995 (8 weeks)
  CH 40 07/16/1995 (4 weeks)
Miracle of Love
  DE 87 03/04/1996 (2 weeks)

Intermission is a German Eurodance project that was successful across Europe from 1993 to 1996 . The biggest hit, Piece of My Heart , was released in late 1993.

Band history

Behind Intermission stood the Dance Music Production (DMP), a German producer team from Frankfurt am Main , to which Michael Eisele alias Attack II, Thorsten Adler, Tom Keil alias Tom Jacques G. Coin and Nosie Katzmann belong. For the first single Honesty , the team hired the singer Nina Gerhard in 1993 , who has already been heard on various hits by Captain Hollywood . The second single, Piece of My Heart , sung by Valerie Scott, made it into the European charts for the first time , and even made it into the top 10 in Germany and Austria .

Six Days and Give Peace a Chance were the following hits in 1994. Lori Hölzel, alias Lori Glori , took over the vocals , whose voice also shaped the hits of Centory and Loft . In the same year the album Piece of My Heart was released , under the project name Intermission feat. Lori Glori, on which all previous hits of the act could be heard in their original single versions. The original votes remained unnamed. In 1995 Intermission covered the farm hit All Together Now , the new version of which was only noticed in Switzerland . A few months later, the production team added the single Planet Love . With the song sung by Raquel Gomez, the continuation of previous successes succeeded.

Miracle of Love became a small hit in Germany in 1996. The last intermission release Blow Your Mind , a collaboration with DJ MARSS, for which Lori Glori returned to the project, hit stores in 1997, but missed a chart position .

At the end of 2015, the act announced its comeback on Facebook.



  • 1994: Piece of My Heart


  • 1993: Honesty (with Nina Gerhard )
  • 1993: Piece of My Heart (with Valerie Scott)
  • 1993: Piece of My Heart (Remixes)
  • 1994: Six Days (with Lori Glori )
  • 1994: Give Peace a Chance
  • 1995: All Together Now
  • 1995: Planet Love (with Raquel Gomez)
  • 1996: Miracle of Love
  • 1996: Real Love
  • 1997: Blow Your Mind (feat.DJ MARSS)
  • 2003: Piece of My Heart (feat. Gray + Frost)
  • 2017: Piece of My Heart 2K17 (Gary Hun Edit)



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