Ip (civil servant)

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Ip in hieroglyphics
i p A1

1st title
xrp O11

head of the palace

Ip is the name of a high ancient Egyptian official of the 1st Dynasty , who reigned under King ( Pharaoh ) Den .

supporting documents

IP's name appears on his grave stele along with a title and a determinative of a seated man. According to the accompanying inscription, he was "Head of the Palace". The stele is made of limestone and is broken off to the left. As it stands today, it is 51.80 cm high and 25.30 cm wide. It is now in the British Museum under inventory number 35021.


Ip was buried in a side grave of the royal necropolis Tomb T des Den at Abydos . Until the beginning of the 2nd dynasty , it was an ancient Egyptian tradition that some members of the royal family had to follow the ruler to their death.

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