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Jason Greenblatt

Jason Dov Greenblatt (* 1967) is an American lawyer . He is head of the international negotiations for US President Donald Trump . Greenblatt was Vice President of the Trump Organization , the US President's private group of companies, and a longtime lawyer for the group. One of his tasks today is to negotiate international trade agreements as the “chief negotiator”. He is one of the President's close advisory groups, particularly on issues relating to Israel . On September 5, 2019, Greenblatt announced his resignation. He is to be replaced by Avi Berkowitz and Brian Hook .


Jason Greenblatt was born in 1967 to Hungarian Jewish refugees and grew up in Queens , New York City. First Greenblatt attended the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy and later went to Yeshiva University . In 1992 Greenblatt graduated from the New York University School of Law and began working as a real estate attorney with the New York law firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. In the mid-1990s, the lawyer founded a cappuccino coffee company with cafes at Pennsylvania Station and New York City airports. After the business was successful, he sold his shares and practiced as a lawyer again.

Since 1997 he has worked as a lawyer for the Trump Organization , the US President's private group of companies. He is now their vice-president. He also represented all family members of the Trump family, Donald Trump, Jr. , Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump , in private and business matters. Greenblatt worked with attorney David M. Friedman , whom Trump later proposed as ambassador to Israel .

Jason Greenblatt is an Orthodox Jew and lives in Teaneck , New Jersey with his wife and six children . His wife, Naomi Greenblatt, is a psychiatrist .

Head of International Negotiations

During his election campaign, Greenblatt advised Donald Trump on issues relating to the Middle East and specifically Israel. After his election, Trump nominated him as his chief negotiator. Trump said Greenblatt was one of his "closest confidants" and had "complex deals" done for him. He is experienced in mediating in "difficult and sensitive" questions. According to CNN , a. the Middle East conflict and relations with Cuba in Greenblatt's remit.


Greenblatt advocates a two-state solution for Israel. He sees no obstacle to lasting peace in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank .

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