Jean-André Emmerich

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Jean-André Emmerich boxer
Birth Name Jean-André Emmerich
Weight class Middle and super welterweight
nationality German
birthday March 30, 1949
place of birth Fleurance , France
size 171 cm
Combat Statistics
Struggles 37
Victories 25th
Knockout victories 8th
Defeats 10
draw 2

Jean-André Emmerich (born March 30, 1949 in Fleurance ) is a former German boxer . As a professional boxer he was German super welterweight champion .


Born in France , Emmerich lived in Frankfurt am Main from 1954 . As an amateur, he boxed for FSV Frankfurt between 1966 and 1972 . As a junior he was twice German champion and twice runner-up in the men's area. During his amateur career, he trained as a cartographer . In November 1972 he made his debut in professional boxing, he won eight fights in a row, in December 1973 he suffered his first defeat. In October 1974, Emmerich had the first opportunity to box for the German championship among the professionals: he missed the middleweight title, however, when he was defeated by Frank Reiche in West Berlin . Emmerich gave up the fight in the second round.

About two years later, Emmerich faced Hamburg's Peter Wulf in the fight for the German super welterweight championship (junior middleweight) in Frankfurt am Main and won on points. However, Wulf filed a complaint because Emmerich was overweight at the previous weighing. Emmerich kept the title, but had to resign it again in early December 1976 when he lost to Frank Wissenbach in Hamburg . In May 1978 Emmerich secured the German championship title in super welterweight again by winning points over Wolfgang Gans from Berlin . After a two-year break from fighting, he returned to the ring in November 1981 and defeated Horst Schulze in a duel for the German super welterweight championship.

In August 1982 Emmerich challenged European champion Luigi Minchillo in Italy, but lost the fight (knockout in the fourth round). At the end of February 1984 he had to hand over his German championship title to Erwin Heiber . Emmerich saw the point defeat as a misjudgment and resigned from boxing, he returned to trading in antiques . During his career as a boxer, he completed a degree in painting and graphics, from 1987 he worked as a freelance painter and draftsman. He settled in Bickenbach .


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