Jean Louis Prévost (medic, 1838)

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Jean Louis Prévost (born May 12, 1838 in Geneva , † September 12, 1927 in Geneva) was a Swiss neurologist .


Jean Louis Prévost was the son of Guillaume Prévost (1799–1839). He studied medicine in Zurich , Berlin and Vienna and became an assistant in Paris under Alfred Vulpian in 1864 . In the same year, while still a student, he and Jules Cotard (1840-1889) published a paper on softening the brain, as well as a work on infantile cerebral palsy and gaze deviation in unilateral brain lesions . The latter bears his name today as a sign.

In 1868 he received his doctorate in Paris and then returned to his hometown of Geneva. Here he worked with the English neurologist Augustus Volney Waller in a laboratory that he maintained himself. Joseph Jules Dejerine and Paul Charles Dubois (1848–1918) were among his students . The medical faculty of the University of Geneva , newly founded in 1876 , appointed him professor of therapy. After Moritz Schiff's death in 1897, he became professor of physiology and held the chair until 1913.

Prévost introduced modern physiology into medical practice in Geneva. A large number of well-known works were produced in his laboratory, most of which appeared in the newspaper Travaux du laboratoire de physiologie . In 1881, together with Constant-Edouard Picot (1844–1931) and Jacques-Louis Reverdin (1842–1929), he founded the Revue médicale de la Suisse romande , which was published in Lausanne .

He went blind in the last years of his life and died on September 12, 1927 after an operation.


In 1913 he was elected a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina .

Writings and works

Prévost published a total of more than 60 books and scientific articles.

  • with Jules Cotard: Etudes physiologiques et pathologiques sur le ramollissment cérébral. Mémoire lu à la Société de Biologie dans le mois de décembre 1865.
  • Observation de paralysie infantile; lésions des muscles et de la moelle. Comptes rendus et Mémoires de la Société de Biologie 1865, 17: 215-218.
  • De la déviation conjugée des yeux et de la rotation de la tête dans certains cas d'hémiplégie. Dissertation. Paris, 1868.

Individual evidence

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