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Joachim Freiherr von der Goltz (born March 19, 1892 in Westerburg / Westerwald; † April 1, 1972 in Hochfelden, Obersasbach near Achern ) was a German lawyer, farmer and writer.


Joachim Freiherr von der Goltz was born on March 19, 1892 as the son of a Prussian district administrator and grew up in the house of his stepfather, the doctor Georg Groddeck , in Baden-Baden . Goltz studied law , economics , philosophy and history at home and abroad . In 1914 he received his doctorate. jur. He participated in the First World War as an officer and war correspondent. A long-standing illness caused him to settle in the Black Forest in Badento settle down. Goltz was employed as a dramaturge at the Baden-Baden City Theater. The result of his writing activities are literary and historical-philosophical studies, novels and dramas, which mostly portray people in an ethical test.

His first marriage was between 1918 and 1921 with Gertrud Schuster-Woldan (1892-?). With his second wife Friederike geb. Freiin Roeder von Diersburg (1898–1972), whom he married in 1926, he had three children Uta (1926–2003), Georg (1928–1990) and Christoph Ernst (1935–2014).

The war poetry "German Sonnets", written in 1916, made Goltz famous for the first time. However, Goltz also wrote children's books and emerged as a translator for Stendhal . In 1940 he received the literary prize of the Reich capital Berlin .


  • German sonnets . Poems, 1916
  • Father and son . Drama, 1921
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin . Drama, 1932
  • The stone in the Black Forest . Festival, 1933
  • Cléry's tree . Roman, 1934
  • Of all kinds of hell and bliss . Story, 1936
  • Once on the Lorettohöhe . Novella, 1937
  • The quarry . Roman, 1938
  • The Marcellus Flood. Story, 1939
  • Klein Stöffel and the four soldiers' horses (with pictures by Friederike von der Goltz). Children's book, 1941
  • The captured . Stories, 1948 (contains: Lisa Wilms , The Adventure with the Snowy Owl , The Ottelene , A Silver Wedding , The Legacy of the Painter Felix )

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