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Joakim Pirinen (2013)

Joakim Pirinen (born May 28, 1961 in Solna , Sweden ) is a Swedish illustrator , author , dramaturge and cartoonist . He lives and works in Stockholm , where he runs his own studio.


Enthusiastic critically acclaimed, he made his debut at the age of 18 on the wave of new, predominantly avant-garde comics for adults in Sweden in the 80s and from then on inspired a whole generation of Swedish comic artists with his work. Pirinen is still a regular contributor to the Swedish comic magazine Galago .

His first album, Välkommen till sandlådan ( "Welcome to the sandbox" ), brought Pirinen 1983 out when his breakthrough but the album is considered Socker-Conny ( "Sugar-Conny" ) in the year 1985 , a graphic novel about an anarchic young man .

Pirinen has a uniquely virtuoso and expressive drawing style , which is able to depict a large amount of emotions with nervous lines, detailed surfaces and diverse compositions. Human vulnerability is a common theme in his work.

Pirinen is the only comic artist whose work has been exhibited in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art ( Moderna museet ).

More recently, Pirinen has devoted himself to working on prose , plays and collaborating with other artists in the field of the art of speaking .



  • 1983: Välkommen till sandlådan
  • 1985: Socker-Conny
  • 1987: gas
  • 1989: Kvarteret Kniven
  • 1992: Den sjunde björnen (drawings)
  • 1995: Split vision
  • 1998: Stora boken om Socker-Conny
  • 1999: The universella bristen på respekt
  • 2004: Ingens bästa vän


  • 1993: Familjen Bra och andra relationer
  • 2001: The svenska apan


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