Yodel D11

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Yodel D.11
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Type: Sport plane
Design country:

FranceFrance France


Avions yodel

First flight:

April 4th 1950

Number of pieces:

> 1500

The Jodel D11 is a sport aircraft from the French designers Édouard Joly and Jean Délémontez .


The D11 was developed in 1950 on the basis of a tender by the French government from the single-seat Jodel D9 , whereby the D9 was enlarged and equipped with the Jodel D10's wings, which were shortened by 50 cm . The prototype of the two-seat sport aircraft with the registration number F-BBBF had its maiden flight on April 4, 1950 . It was powered by a nine-cylinder Salmson 9ADb radial engine with 33 kW output. Licenses for the replica were sold within France as well as Switzerland (to the Uetz company in Speck- Fehraltorf ) and Germany (to the Aero-Flugzeugbau company in Munich-Heimstetten). These replicas differed not only in the engine, but also partly in the structure. The D11A was approved in Germany in 1957.


  • D11 - original version with 45 HP Salmson 9Adb engine.
  • D111 - D11 with 75 HP Minie 4DC engine, built by Jodel.
Wassmer yodel D112
Jodel D113
  • D113 - D11 with 100 HP Continental O-200 -A engine, amateur replica.
  • D114 - D11 with 70 HP Minie 4DA.28 engine, amateur replica.
  • D115 - D11 with 75 HP Mathis 4-GF-60 engine, amateur replica.
  • D116 - D11 with 60 HP Salmson 9ADR engine, amateur replica.
  • D117 - D11 with 90 HP Continental C90 engine and modified electrics, 223 pieces built by SAN.
    • D117A - D.117 built by Alpavia
  • D118 - D11 with 60 HP Walter Mikron II engine, amateur replica.
  • D119 - amateur replica D.117
    • D119D
      • D119DA
    • D119V
  • D1190S - D119 built in Spain by Aero Difusion, 68 built.
Wassmer Jodel D120A Paris-Nice
  • D120 - built by Wassmer called Paris-Nice , 337 units built.
    • D120A
    • D120R
    • D120AR
  • D121 - D11 with 75 HP Continental A75 engine, amateur replica.
  • D122 - D11 with 75 HP Praga engine, amateur replica.
  • D123 - D11 with 85 HP Salmson 5AP.01 engine, amateur replica.
  • D124 - D11 with 80 HP Salmson 5AQ.01 engine, amateur replica.
  • D125 - D11 with 90 hp Kaiser engine, amateur replica.
  • D126 - D11 with 85 HP Continental A85 engine, amateur replica.
Jodel D127
  • D127 - D112 with sliding glazed cockpit cockpit and DR-100 landing gear , built by EAC .
  • D128 - D119 with sliding glazed cockpit cockpit and DR-100 landing gear, built by EAC.
  • D11 special
  • Uetz U2V - D119 with straight wing, built in Switzerland by Walter Uetz Flugzeugbau

By Aero Difusión

  • D11 Compostela
  • D-112 Popuplane
  • D-119 Popuplane
  • D-1190S Compostela


The D11 is a wooden low - wing aircraft with a box-shaped fuselage, tail wheel landing gear and rectangular wings with ends angled upwards.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 1 + 1
length 6.20 m
span 8.20 m
Wing area 12.7 m²
Empty mass 340 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 620 kg
Cruising speed 190 km / h
Top speed 210 km / h
Range 460 km
Engines 1 × Continental O-200 with 75 kW

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