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Johan Norberg (born August 27, 1973 in Stockholm ) is a Swedish writer. He studied philosophy, literature and political science at Stockholm University . His best known work is The Capitalist Manifesto . Norberg is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute .

Fonts (selection)

  • The Capitalist Manifesto: Why the globalized market economy alone ensures the prosperity of mankind . Translation from the Swedish Heike Schubert. Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 2003 ISBN 978-3-8218-3994-3
  • Progress: A motivational book for do-gooders. Translation from English by Clemens Schneider. Munich: Finanzbuchverlag, 2020 ISBN 978-3-95972-287-2 .


No democracy has ever been inflicted by a famine,
and no two democracies have ever made war on each other.
( No democracy has ever been hit by famine
no two democracies have ever waged war against each other. )

(from his film Globalization Is Good )

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