Johann Bernhard Hermann

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Johann Bernhard Hermann (born February 18, 1761 in Hof ; † February 3, 1790 in Göttingen ) was a German intellectual.


He was a close childhood friend of Jean Paul , who set a monument to Hermann in many of his works. B. in the novel Siebenkäs . Hermann can be seen as the phenotype of a German intellectual from the lower class in the second half of the 18th century ; his correspondence with Jean Paul reflects, among other things, the social situation of students from underprivileged classes at that time. Hermann's efforts to become a medical doctor failed due to the material circumstances.


  • Epistola gratulatoria ad M. Ioannem Vilelmum Link - De Uso Pulmonum . Lips. Leipzig 1786
  • About the number of elements . Berlin 1786
  • About fire, light and warmth . Berlin 1787


  • Kurt Schreinert (Ed.): Johann Bernhard Hermann. Letters to Albrecht Otto and Jean Paul. From Jean Paul's estate. (= Acta et commentationes Universitatis Tartuensis (Dorpatensis) B; XXVII.1; XXX.9). Krüger, Tartu (Dorpat) 1933

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