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Johann Gottfried Dyck (also: Johann Gottfried Dik, Johannes Gottfried Dyck, Johann Gottfried Dyk;   born April 24, 1750 in Leipzig ; † May 21, 1813 ibid) was a German bookseller and writer .


Franz Wachter : The Chronicle of Albert von Stade . "Dyk'sche Buchhandlung" , Leipzig 1896

Born as the son of a publishing house book dealer, he enrolled at the University of Leipzig , switched to the University of Wittenberg , where he obtained a master's degree in 1778 . During his studies he made friends with the poet Johann Benjamin Michaelis . After completing his studies in this way, he took over his father's "Dyk'sche Buchhandlung " in Leipzig , which under his leadership became one of the leading publishing booksellers of its time in the field of beautiful literature .

He wrote a number of plays himself, made stage arrangements and translated various works from French and Italian that appeared in his bookstore. His collections of Komisches Theater der Franzosen for the Germans (10 volumes 1777–1785) and the “Side Theater” should be mentioned here. Around 1783 he took over the editing of the literary newspaper "New Library of the Beautiful Sciences and Freyen Künste" which had been published by its own publishing house since 1757. Since he had also headed the Wendlerische Free School, he also published educational and historical treatises.

Selection of works

  • Lyrical theater of the Germans . 2 volumes. Leipzig 1782.
  • The lovers without knowing it. A comedy in three acts. Dyk, Leipzig 1782. ( digitized version )
  • The disaffection, or the misunderstood court master. A touching comedy in one act. Stage, Augsburg 1783. ( digitized version )
  • Comedy plays drawn from Brandenburg history. The Union. - The prescribed groom from Paris. Dyk, Leipzig 1783. ( digitized version )
  • Carelessness and seduction. Tragedy. Dyk, Leipzig 1784. ( digitized version )
  • Characters of the greatest poets of all nations . Supplements to Sulzer's general theory of fine arts, 8 volumes. Leipzig 1792-1800.
  • The Magnificent Miser, or The Contrebande. A comedy in 5 acts. Dedicated to all righteous lawyers. Dyk, Leipzig 1785. ( digitized version )
  • Thomas More. A tragedy . Dyk, Leipzig 1786. ( digitized version )
  • Ferdinand Pernau. A tragedy in 5 acts. Dyk, Leipzig 1787. ( digitized version )
  • Two restless nights, or aversion and aversion. A play in five acts. Dyk, Leipzig 1787. ( digitized version )
  • Six wagons with Contrebande, or Großthun and Knickerey. Dyk, Leipzig 1887. ( digitized version )
  • Omar, or: The Tatar Marriage Law. A play with mixed chants in three acts. Grätz 1797. ( digitized version )
  • Counter gifts to the Sudelköche in Jena and Weimar from some grateful greats , Leipzig 1797. ( digitized version )
  • Aly Bey, Sultan of Egypt. A tragedy in five acts. Grätz 1797. ( digitized version )
  • The steadfast man or: ambition and talkativeness. A play in five acts. Grätz 1898. ( digitized version )
  • Questions to children about German history and presentation of the sad events for Germany since 1792. Regenspurg, Wetzlar, Frankfurt a. M. 1806. ( digitized version )


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