Johann Martini (theologian)

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Johann Martini (* 1558 in Köslin ; † March 1629 in Danzig ) was a German theologian and teacher.

He worked at the Marienschule zu Danzig , where he was first vice-principal and, from 1603, succeeding Valentin Schreck as principal. In Danzig at the beginning of the 17th century there were heated discussions between Lutheranism and Calvinism . Martini took part and tended towards Calvinism, which was represented in Danzig at the time by personalities such as Bartholomäus Keckermann († 1608) and Jacob Fabritius († 1629).

Martini published, among other things, a Latin grammar that saw several editions. According to the judgment of the historian Gottfried von Bülow in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, the Marienschule suffered from Martini's commitment to the Calvinists; she lost her "reputation under Martini's leadership and only regained it after his death".

He was married to Katharina Pauli, daughter of the pastor at St. Peterskirche in Danzig .