Johann Matthias Testarello della Massa

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Johann Matthias Testarello della Massa (* baptized October 22, 1636 in Regensburg , † February 18, 1693 in Vienna ) was canon of St. Stephan in Vienna and historian.

Testarello della Massa studied at the University of Vienna from 1651 . In 1661 he became canon of Sankt Stephan. The importance of Testarello lies in his detailed description of the Vienna churches up to the year 1685, which has a high cultural and historical value. It is, for example, the only source for the text of the Passion Play on Saint Stephen or for the inscriptions in St. Peter's Church , which were written by Wolfgang Lazius . Furthermore, details about the pilgrimage to Hernals , the description of individual altars and the founding legends of the Vienna churches are recorded. With the exception of the passages about St. Stephen's Church and St. Peter's Church, the valuable work has not been printed to this day. It is located in the Austrian National Library as Codex 8227 and was written by Testarello himself.

In 1894, Testarellogasse in Vienna- Hietzing was named after the historian.


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