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Johanna Brauweiler , also Hanna Brauweiler , (born September 12, 1896 in Remscheid ; † May 9, 1989 in Hamburg ) was a German journalist and Hamburg politician for the CDU .


Brauweiler was the daughter of Otto and Adele Schürhoff, she married Ernst Brauweiler (1889–1945) in 1920 and had the daughter Rita-Dorothea with him. Petersen (1925-1999).

Brauweiler was a journalist by profession and became chairwoman of the DVP 's women's committee in 1921 , and before 1932 she was the local chairwoman of the Association of Women Citizens in Hanover . From 1932 she was chief correspondent in Berlin for the Christian News Service , which was published in Hamburg at the time , and was the editor of the Women's Service , both of which also worked during the Nazi era . Her husband became an important collaborator in Joseph Goebbels' Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the Berlin foreign correspondents.

After the end of the war and the loss of her husband, she moved to Hamburg in 1946. In 1952 she was involved in the founding of the German Recreation Agency and became chairman of its administrative board. She was also a member of the journalistic working group of the German Evangelical Church Congress .

During the Weimar Republic , Brauweiler ran unsuccessfully for the DVP for the Reichstag and the Prussian state parliament . In 1953 she joined the CDU in Hamburg. Brauweiler ran for the CDU in 1953 on the list of the Hamburg bloc and on February 9, 1955, he succeeded Renatus Weber in the Hamburg parliament . Re-elected to the CDU in 1957, she was a member of the parliament until 1970.

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