John Reynolds (naval officer)

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John Reynolds

John Reynolds (born around 1713 in Hackney , † February 3, 1788 in London ) was a British admiral and colonial governor of the Province of Georgia .


Nothing has been recorded about John Reynolds' youth and schooling. In 1728 he joined the Royal Navy at the age of about 15 . From that point on, he stayed in the Navy for most of the rest of his life . Over the decades he went through the officer ranks up to admiral. In the meantime, as a captain , he commanded several warships in different parts of the world . Reynolds also took part in many naval battles in wars of those years. These included u. a. the Austrian War of Succession and the Seven Years War .

Between 1754 and 1757, John Reynolds was the first royal governor of the Province of Georgia colony . As was often the case in the 18th century, he owed this position to personal contacts in the government and naval leadership. He took up his new office when he arrived in Savannah on October 29, 1754. In Georgia he reformed the administration according to the instructions given to him. Through his politics he also strengthened the office of governor and royal authority; H. British control of the colony. During his tenure, the Seven Years War began in North America .

He planned to defend his colony against possible attacks by the French and the Indians . However, his demands on the government in London were so high that most of them could not be met. His authoritarian style of governance in Georgia angered both the colonial parliament and the colony residents. In February 1756, the governor dissolved parliament. However, the situation did not change with the new parliament. Reynolds also tried to control the courts. Eventually Reynolds was summoned to London to give an account of what was going on in the colony.

In the meantime, Henry Ellis has been appointed as his successor. An investigation in London into Reynolds' behavior in Georgia resulted in no conviction. But he officially had to resign from the office of governor. Reynolds' tenure was a political turning point for Georgia. His authoritarian behavior made people lose trust in the royal officials and the government in London. This development continued until the American War of Independence .

After his time in Georgia ended, Reynolds continued his officer career in the Navy. Between 1775 and 1787 he was admiral. He died on February 3, 1788 of complications from a stroke.

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