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Joseph Philippe de Clairville (* 1742 in the south of France or Paris , † July 31, 1830 in Winterthur ) was a French botanist and entomologist . His botanical-mycological author's abbreviation is “ Clairv. "


Joseph Philippe was born in the south of France or Paris in 1742. Clairville later moved to Switzerland, where he set up a collection of Valais plants and butterflies in Nyon and later in Bex .

In 1782 Clairville moved to Winterthur , probably Johann Sebastian von Clais contributed significantly to this change of location. In 1788 he bought the Landhaus zum Bühl there and laid out a botanical garden there. From 1791 to 1798 Clairville published seven books on garden plants . He then worked until 1806 on Entomologie helvétique , a two-volume work on beetles living in Switzerland , in which he established new rules for determining and categorizing species of beetles that have not changed to this day.

During the French Revolution and the ensuing occupation of Switzerland, Clairville stayed in southern Germany, where he translated and expanded the natural history of court and house birds by Johann Matthäus Bechstein .

Back in Winterthur, his main botanical work, Manuel d'herborisation en Suisse et en Valais , was published in 1811 . After his death, he bequeathed his herbarium and his private library to the Winterthur City Library . The herbarium was donated to the Zurich Botanical Institute by the city library in 1901 . His collection of beetles is now in the Natural History Museum in Basel .


A plant genus Clairvillea DC was named after him . from the sunflower family (Asteraceae).


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