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Journal for pure and applied mathematics

description German mathematics journal
First edition 1826
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The Journal for Pure and Applied Mathematics , or Crelles Journal for short , is one of the most renowned mathematical journals . It was founded in Berlin in 1826, making it the oldest periodical in the field of mathematics that still exists today .

The journal's impact factor in 2012 was 1.083. In the statistics of the Science Citation Index , the journal was ranked 32nd out of 295 journals in the "Mathematics" category.


August Leopold Crelle planned the Journal in 1828 as a series of quarterly publications, four of which were to be combined into one volume. The actual frequency of the issues was higher from 1830; The 100th volume was already published in 1887, the 200th in 1958. In the mid-1960s, the division into booklets was abandoned; the volumes were now published quarterly, from the 1980s onwards monthly. The first volume was published by Duncker & Humblot in Berlin, the following by Georg Reimer Verlag , also based in Berlin, which was published by Walter de Gruyter at the end of 1918 .

According to Crelle's original idea, the subject area should be relatively broad. In his preface to the first volume he writes:

"The scope of their objects should include:

  1. Pure mathematics, that is, analysis, geometry and the theory of mechanics in their entirety.
  2. Applications of mathematics of all kinds, e.g. B. on the theory of light (optics, catoptrics , dioptrics ), on the theory of heat, on the theory of sound, on probabilities etc .; also hydraulics, mechanical engineering, mathematical geography, geodesy, etc. Astronomy should not be excluded, but should not be a main subject either, because this science is the only concern of a magazine. "

Soon, however, there was a focus on mathematical topics. Although work in the field of physics still had a permanent place in the 19th century - among others, articles by Georg Simon Ohm , Ludwig Boltzmann and Hermann von Helmholtz  - but from around the turn of the century the journal had become a purely mathematical journal.


After Crelle's death in 1855, the journal was initially continued by respected professors from Berlin University , and from the beginning of the 20th century also by professors from other universities.

Editor (until 1979) Period
August Leopold Crelle 1826-1855
Karl Wilhelm Borchardt 1856-1880
Karl Weierstrasse 1881-1888
Leopold Kronecker 1881-1891
Lazarus Immanuel Fuchs 1892-1902
Kurt Hensel 1903-1936
Ludwig Schlesinger 1929-1933
Helmut Hasse 1929-1979
Hans Rohrbach 1952-1977

Since the late 1970s, it has been edited by an international committee of around five to eight renowned mathematicians. The current (2013) managing editor is Rainer Weissauer , and the editorial board also includes Tobias Colding , Joachim Cuntz , Daniel Huybrechts and Jun-Muk Hwang .

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