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A city, district, district, state and federal youth ring is an amalgamation of several youth associations , usually in the form of a legally competent association , in Bavaria as a corporation under public law , the tasks of which are specified in the Child and Youth Welfare Act of the Social Security Code . His fields of activity are often networked with the local public youth welfare organization ( youth welfare office). Its governing body consists of representatives of the member associations, which means that they also have an influence on the work and goals of the youth ring. The youth ring is usually financed through corresponding (district, district, etc.) levies. With this money he does youth work himself and subsidizes the work of his member associations. In some cases, however, the youth rings are also financed by the associations through membership fees. The Bavarian Youth Ring also performs the tasks of a state youth welfare office. Member associations can become those youth associations that meet the criteria of membership according to the statutes of the respective youth associations.

City and district youth councils

As the lowest level of youth associations, many city and district youth associations do youth work directly on site. They organize free time, youth leader training, etc. v. m. However, each youth ring is ultimately structured differently, its tasks differ significantly from district to district or from city to city. It is particularly important how the youth ring and municipal youth care division share youth work, whether the youth ring is also active in open youth work by, for example, assuming company sponsorship for youth centers, or whether it is limited to supporting the associations. Thus there are district youth associations with several hundred employees and some with not a single one.

State youth councils

There are regional youth associations at the state level. Its main task is to lobby young people towards the public, administration and politics and to secure and shape the framework conditions for youth work. Among other things with the state youth rings of the 16 federal states, the state youth ring Baden-Württemberg , the Bavarian youth ring , the state youth ring Berlin , the state youth ring Brandenburg , the Bremen youth ring , the state youth ring Hamburg e. V., the Hessischer Jugendring , the Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern , the Landesjugendring Niedersachsen e. V., the Landesjugendring Nordrhein-Westfalen , the Landesjugendring Rheinland-Pfalz , the Landesjugendring Saar , the Kinder- und Jugendring Sachsen e. V., the Saxony-Anhalt Children's and Youth Association , the Schleswig-Holstein State Youth Association and the Thuringia State Youth Association have joined together in the German Federal Youth Association according to their own statements, youth associations with over six million members. The activities of the independent youth associations reach around 70 percent of all children and young people. Some state youth associations criticize the fact that the municipal youth associations are not or only insufficiently involved in the structures and decisions.

Principles and characteristics of the youth rings

The board of directors of the youth ring represents the interests of youth work across associations at the respective political level. In principle, all members of the board of directors at a youth ring level are democratically elected in a general assembly. The general assembly of members (all associations, initiatives and clubs that are active in youth work and have been included in the youth ring are present and entitled to vote) usually takes place at least twice a year (spring and autumn general assembly). The member associations send delegates - depending on their membership strength .

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