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As a chef or chef ( French Maître de Cuisine or Chef de Cuisine ) refers to the person (upscale) in kitchen operations by line of kitchen staff ensures the operational food service.


Subordinate to him are the sous chef (his deputy), the post chiefs ( chef de partie , senior journeyman ), young cooks ( commis de cuisine ), trainees and assistants (dishwasher, kitchen helpers). Depending on the size of the catering establishment, a kitchen director is the head chef. In companies with several kitchens and a large number of guests, the kitchen director takes care of the coordination of employees, purchasing and hygiene. The tasks of the chef include, for example:

A chef de cuisine has extensive gastronomic knowledge that he has acquired over many years and professional positions.


The kitchen brigade reports to the chef :

  • Souschef, also Executive Souschef ; Deputy
  • Junior Sous Chef
  • Chef Tournant ( Chef de Partie with universal application), which the
  • Chef de Partie (head of the post) is equivalent
  • Demichef de Partie (Deputy Head of Post)
  • Commis de Cuisine (young chef) including:
    • L'apprenti de la Cuisine (apprentice of the respective apprenticeship year)

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