Kitchen brigade

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The kitchen brigade (French: brigade de cuisine) - also known as kitchen staff - is the name given to the group of employees in a large kitchen in the catering and housekeeping sectors .

The work areas of the employees are essentially determined by the capacity , the range of meals and the structural requirements. A distinction is made within the brigade according to qualifications, responsibilities and tasks.


Organizational structure of the kitchen brigade

  • Chef (de cuisine) - the chef , often Maître de Cuisine mentioned, this title a title presupposes
  • Sous Chef - Deputy
  • Chef de Partie - head of a post (kitchen area) ( old journeyman )
  • Demi Chef de Partie - Deputy and shift supervisor of a post (journeyman with professional experience)
  • Commis de Cuisine - young chef

Depending on the size of the kitchen, additional ranks will be introduced, for example:

  • (Directeur de cuisine) Kitchen director (in large hotels with several kitchens)
  • Executive Souschef - First substitute for several sous-chefs
  • Junior Sous Chef (junior sous chef)

In addition, other employees are employed in the kitchen:

  • Aide de cuisine or coup de main ( kitchen help , co-cook)
  • Apprentis (apprentice)
  • Plongeur / Casserolier ( washing up of cookware and serving utensils) (partly also included in housekeeping)
  • Trainees (interns)

Distribution of tasks

Individual areas are taken over by specialty chefs, most of whom have a French professional title.


The kitchen brigade is also called the white brigade because of the traditional color of the clothing and is in contrast to the service area, the black brigade .


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