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Pastry chef at work
Pâtisserie by Ian Baker, Pâtissier of the Year 2015
Pâtisserie by Ian Baker

As Pâtissier (female form: Pâtissière; of double. : Pâte , dough) is referred to in a kitchen staff kitchens confectioner (dt also. Feinbäcker ).

Job description and field of activity

The pastry chef takes on the following areas of responsibility

Vocational training

In Switzerland, pastry chef is a specialization of the basic professional chef / cook.

In Germany, the pastry profession is not an independent training profession . However, the prerequisite for exercising this is a completed apprenticeship as a cook or pastry chef . He often takes on the tasks of the kitchen baker (Boulanger) or shares the work area with him. Selected hotel schools offer special training courses for pastry chefs. In addition, from 2008 to 2014 there was an independent profession of ice cream maker based on a two-year vocational training program, which was replaced by a three-year training profession as an ice cream specialist . This vocational training was discontinued at the end of July 2019.

In Austria, the area also belongs to numerous different professions, including the apprenticeship confectioner (confectioner) and baker in the artisanal, confectionery manufacturer in the commercial sector, but can also be found in the special professions Lebzelter (gingerbread maker), wafer baker, candy and confectionery maker and ice cream maker.

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