Artist magazine

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An artists' magazine is - in contrast to the usual magazine one of - artists of a periodical designed, mostly internationally and multimedia oriented form of magazine in a limited edition of signed and numbered original work, often as art box or hand-thread-bound edited output.

Typical techniques are watercolor , metal type , collage , computer graphics , woodcut , linocut , mixed media , processed photocopy and the like. a. The openness to the most varied of poetic and artistic forms of expression is an outstanding feature of the artist's magazine, which is essentially avant-garde and experimental.

In Germany, Hartmut Andryczuk ( Hybridenland ), Theo Breuer , ( Edition YE ), Guillermo Deisler ( UNI / vers (;) ), Dirk Fröhlich , (Spider), Gerhild Ebel ( miniature obscure ), Karl-Friedrich Hacker ( el mail Tao ), Claudia Pütz ( PIPS - Zeitschrift für Unkommerz ) and Uwe Warnke ( Entwerter / Oder ) among the publishers of artist magazines who are basically keen to experiment.

Like the related artist book , artist magazines are often created in the context of Mail Art .