KFNB - Phoenix, Meteor, Titan and Pluto

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KFNB "Phönix", "Meteor", "Titan" and "Pluto"
Technical specifications
before renovation after 1st modification after 2nd renovation
design type 1A1 n2
Cylinder Ø 327 mm 329 mm 327 mm
Piston stroke 461 mm 457 mm
Drive wheel Ø 1699 mm 1791 mm 1686 mm
Impeller Ø at the front 1073 mm 1080 mm
Rear wheel Ø 1258 mm 1073 mm 1080 mm
fixed wheelbase k. A. 3787 mm 3471 mm
Total wheelbase k. A. 3787 mm 3471 mm
Total wheelbase + tender k. A.
Heating fl. d. Tube 40.5 m² 40.4 m² 45.8 m²
Heating fl. d. Fire box 4.6 m² 5.8 m²
Grate k. A. 1.03 m²
Vapor pressure 5.4 5.2 6.5
Weight (empty) 14.0 t 15.7 t k. A.
Adhesion weight k. A.
Service weight k. A. 8.0 t k. A.
Service weight + tender k. A.
water k. A.
coal k. A.
length k. A. 5.492 m
Length + tender k. A.
height k. A.

The steam locomotives Phönix , Meteor , Titan and Pluto were passenger train locomotives of the KFNB . They were supplied by the Sharp, Roberts & Co. locomotive factory in 1841 and had the axle formula  1A1. A noticeable feature of these machines was the curved frame on the drive axle. On delivery, the dimensions of the locomotives, with the exception of the diameter of the running wheels, were the same as those of the eagle and arrow, which were also supplied for KFNB . However, modifications were made to the boiler and wheels , so that the dimensions later differed. For the first time, counterweights were attached over three spokes of the driving wheels.

The machines were retired in 1865 .