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Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang (born November 29, 1896 in Copenhagen , † May 25, 1959 ) was a Danish biochemist. From the 1930s onwards, he made the Carlsberg Laboratory a center for protein chemistry .


Linderstrøm-Lang was the son of a high school teacher. He had artistic inclinations, but studied chemistry at the Technical University of Copenhagen with a degree in 1919. Soon afterwards he became Søren Sørensen's assistant in the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, where he stayed for the rest of his career and succeeded Sørensen as director in 1939.

He initially dealt with physical chemistry and later with protein chemistry. He is considered the founder of the exchange of hydrogen by deuterium in protein analysis and introduced the distinction between primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary protein structure in 1951 (Lane Medical Lectures, Stanford University). In cooperation with his friend Heinz Holter, he developed various micro- methods of biochemical analysis with the aim of studying biochemical processes at the cell level. Since a stay in Richard Willstätter's laboratory in Munich in 1926, he has dealt specifically with protolysis .

In 1947 he became a member of the National Academy of Sciences , 1950 of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , 1956 foreign member of the Royal Society .

Together with HGK Westenbrink, he was the founder of Biochmica et Biophysica Acta at Elsevier in 1947 , after they followed a request from Carl Oppenheimer, who had been expelled from Germany, to continue his magazine Enzymologia in 1941 (after the war, however, the publishers could not agree on a continuation).

In 1956 he gave a joke lecture on the thermodynamics of the male house fly.


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