Hellenthal Chapel

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Chapel Hellenthal (in the background the Hellenthal castle house)

The Hellenthal chapel is located in the Sülztal between Overath - Untereschbach and Rösrath - Hoffnungsthal . Until the municipal reform in 1975, the chapel was in Bensberg's urban area. Then the place was assigned to the city of Rösrath.


The chapel is dedicated to St. Barbara . Saint Barbara is one of the fourteen emergency helpers and is especially venerated in our latitudes as the patron saint of miners . The chapel is located near the Lüderich mountain , where zinc and lead ores were mined in the Lüderich mine until 1978 .


In 1693 Joan zum Pütz had the chapel built. He lived in the neighboring Burghaus Hellenthal. In the Middle Ages, the name "Höllenthal" was also used. In 1831 the hamlet of Hellenthal had 21 residents. Even at the beginning of the 21st century, the hamlet only comprises a few half-timbered houses.

The chapel is equipped with a baroque altar . It has a length of 5.50 m, a width of 3.20 m and is 2.30 m high. The framework is made of oak. The entrance door is also made of thick oak beams. The chapel has a bell tower with a curved hood on the gable roof. About a dozen people fit in the prayer room.

On July 28, 1964, the Catholic parish Immekeppel became the owner of the property and the chapel. In 1988 the building was extensively restored. The chapel received a new bell tower.


The building is registered as a chapel of St. Barbara under No. 27 in the list of architectural monuments in Rösrath . On St. Barbara , December 4, 2014, the chapel was as a monument unveiled this month.

Museum appreciation

In the LVR open-air museum in Lindlar there is a true-to-scale replica of the chapel as it was built around 1900. Thanks to voluntary support and many donations, this project was able to be realized.

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