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Karl-Heinz Witzko at the Book FairCon 2009

Karl-Heinz Witzko (born July 2, 1953 in Stuttgart ) is a German novel and fantasy author .


Witzko studied statistics , economics and sociology at the university there in Dortmund and graduated from Eckart Sonnemann . For a long time, until the mid-1990s, he worked as a scientist in medical research.

In 1984 he overwhelmed the newly created editorial team of the largest German role-playing game Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) with suggestions, adventure drafts and scenarios. Ulrich Kiesow , the spiritual father of the Aventurian gaming world, promptly hired him. From then on he played a decisive role in developing the role play within the editorial team. He lives near Bremen . After working for some time with Bernhard Hennen , Hadmar von Wieser and Thomas Finn on the novels about the fantastic world of tides , the series is currently on hold . His works on DSA are preferably set on the island of "Maraskan", which he also describes extensively in the game aids.


The black eye

RPG adventure
  • On the edge of the night
  • Looking for an emperor
  • The unbeaten
  • Beyond the Light - ISBN 3-890-64351-5
  • Street ballad
The life of King Dajin, past and present

Magus Magellan's tidal world

(as Magus Magellan with Hadmar von Wieser , Thomas Finn and Bernhard Hennen )

Other novels

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