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No human! was an experimental rock band from Hagen in the early 1980s .

No human! combined synthesizer sounds with electric guitars and acoustic instruments and replaced the drums with the Roland TR-808 drum computer . The group was formed in 1979 around the Extrabreit group and the performance artist Wolfgang Luthe in Hagen.

During its existence, two singles, several contributions to samplers and two compact cassettes have been released. The first single from KeinMenscH! Produced by Tom Dokoupil ( The Wirtschaftswunder ). appeared in 1981 on the Hagen independent label Tonträger 58 and was also played by John Peel on BFBS . The second recorded in the sound studio Hiltpoltstein single addict appeared in 1982 on the major label Virgin . The album KeinMenscH! Announced on the back of the Süchtig single . Is perfect! with further recordings produced in Hiltpoltstein, however, it was not released by Virgin, but as a cassette that the group distributed itself. In 1984 the band was seen in the television film "Deutschlandtournee" directed by Berengar Pfahl . In 2007 a selection of the original recordings from 1981 and 1982 were digitally remastered on vinyl LP and re-released on CD.



Own publications
  • No human! (Single, 1981, sound carrier 58 )
  • Addict (single, 1982, Virgin )
  • No human! Is perfect! (Cassette, 1982, self-distribution)
  • Makes Power Blind (Cassette, 1988, self-distribution)
  • No human! (LP, 2007, WSDP)
  • Alles Aus Hagen (Compilation-LP, 1981, Tonträger 58 ) - Song: Donald & die Bullenschweine
  • Stars Aus 58 (Alles aus Hagen II) (Compilation-LP, 1982, Tonträger 58 ) - Song: Süchtig
  • Sampler of New German Music (Compilation LP, 1982, Teldec ) - Song: Kein Mensch
  • New German popular music (Rock in Germany Vol. III) (Compilation double LP, 1982, Teldec ) - Song: Kein Mensch

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