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Kindler's Literature Lexicon ( KLL ) or Kindler's New Literature Lexicon ( KNLL ) is the most extensive literary lexicon in the German language . It is an encyclopedia of works on world literature that describes the most important works of fiction and non-fiction in all literary languages ​​in terms of cultural history.

Kindler's Literature Lexicon

Helmut Kindler was the original edition of Kindler's Literaturlexikon 1965-1972 in seven volumes in the Kindler publishing based on the Dizionario delle opere di tutti i tempi e di tutte le letterature of Valentino Bompiani (1947 to 1964) and the French counterparts Dictionnaire des oeuvres out . Volumes 1 to 6, the articles of which have still been partially translated from Italian, contain descriptions, brief interpretations and bibliographies of 18,000 works, arranged alphabetically according to the original title. Volume 7 includes the works from U to Z, essays on 130 literatures and three registers on authors and their works, then on anonyma, collective works and collective articles and finally on German translations, short titles and title variants. A supplementary volume, Works A – Z, followed in 1974 . A paperback edition was published in 1974 and 1986 by Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag (dtv) .

Kindler's New Literature Lexicon (2nd edition)

Kindler's new literature lexicon, volumes 1–21, study edition

From 1988 to 1992 a revised and updated new edition, edited by Walter Jens, was published under the title Kindlers Neues Literatur Lexikon, also by Kindler Verlag. This edition contains 20 volumes, 17 of which contain work articles, two volumes on anonymous works and one volume with essays on national literatures. This edition is characterized by the new alphabetical sorting according to authors and not according to (original) titles as before. The articles originally taken over from Bompiani have been rewritten. In 1998, two supplement volumes followed.

In 1996 a paperback was published, published under license by Komet-Verlagsgesellschaft . In 1999 a CD-ROM edition published by United Soft Media followed, and in 2000 an update with the 2 supplementary volumes.

The second edition dealt with 19,304 works (1446 of them anonymous) by 9072 authors in 171 languages ​​(old, middle, new linguistic counted separately), which were written between the 3rd millennium BC. Chr. And 1997 were published. The 20th century included 10,086 works, the 19th century 3473 works, and the 18th century 1072 works.

Kindler's Literature Lexicon (3rd, completely revised edition)

The third edition of Kindler's Literature Lexicon was published by the Göttingen professor Heinz Ludwig Arnold at JB Metzler Verlag and appeared on September 4, 2009. The lexicon comprises 17 volumes and a register volume. Access to an online database via the Munzinger archive is possible.

For this edition, the previous articles have been revised. The selection of around 13,000 works was made, according to the claim, for the first time according to canonical criteria. About half of the articles were completely rewritten, the rest edited. For some authors, fewer or sometimes completely different works were described compared to the 2nd edition. Some authors who were still represented in the 2nd edition, such as B. Johannes Regiomontanus, Alfred Edmund Brehm, Rudolf Pannwitz, Adolf Portmann, Carl Friedrich v. Weizsäcker, Max Born, Hans Sedlmayr, Fritjof Capra, Stephen Hawking, Rudolf Eucken, Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Jacques Monod, André Glucksmann, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Romano Guardini, Bazon Brock, Friedrich Heer, Karl Rahner, Helmut Schelsky, Eduard Spranger or Hans Vaihinger there was no more article in the new edition. For some works, the lexicon articles in the new edition are also considerably shorter than before, e.g. For example, the entry on the Epic of Gilgamesh, which had more than 9,300 words in the 2nd edition, only just over 800 words in the 3rd edition. The references have been kept to a minimum throughout. Other special features of the third edition are the addition of 8,000 biographies by authors and the inclusion of 488 anonymous works and 151 materials that are no longer summarized in separate volumes. The sorting is now based on the alphabetical order of the authors and the title. In the current edition, details of philological interest have sometimes been deleted, so that it may be worthwhile to consult the previous edition as well.

From 2004 onwards, the new edition was developed by 75 specialist consultants, around 1,600 authors and a small editorial office based in Göttingen in cooperation with JB Metzler Verlag.


Editions and license issues

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