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Kira's appearance at the label night in Vienna

Kira (actually Janine Scholz , born October 20, 1978 in Wuppertal ) is a German musician who made her debut in 2004 under Herbert Grönemeyer's record label Grönland Records . In early 2011, she announced her retirement from the music business.


Since 1995 Kira has been composing her own pieces as a singer and self-taught guitar and piano. After she had submitted an early song to a home recording competition for the music magazine Guitar & Bass and won a CD publication, the Hamburg music producer Michael Hagel became aware of Kira in 1998 and began to work with her. In June 1999 Kira received a scholarship from the GEMA Foundation for the lyricist seminar in Celle.

The collaboration with Michael Hagel prompted her to move from her hometown of Wuppertal to Hamburg in 2000, where she was accepted for the popular music contact course at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater in the same year . In 2001, Kira signed an author's contract with the music publisher Freibank ; In 2008 he switched to the Wintrup music publishers.

With her recordings Kira was able to interest the record label Grönland Records . In November 2002 the artist first met its founder Herbert Grönemeyer and shortly afterwards signed a contract with the London label.

In 2004 Kira's debut album Inauswendig was released , from which the singles Der Sog , Alte Frauen and Filter were extracted. In the summer of 2006, the second album Goldfisch was released as well as the singles If you don't open the sky , Lifeboat , Never at home and Almost like summer .

In 2007 the singer appeared as support at concerts by Herbert Grönemeyer and played a. a. in support of Xavier Naidoo , Keimzeit , Bosse and Virginia Jetzt! . The music initiative commissioned by the German federal government accepted Kira in 2008 among the artists it sponsored.

On two concert tours to China in 2008 and 2009, the singer and her band performed in the cities of Guangzhou , Shanghai , Beijing , Shenyang and Chongqing in universities, clubs and open airs, where they also played a Chinese version of her song My Heart Belongs to You . The trips were made possible by the Goethe-Institut and the Initiative Musik.

In 2009, Kira was nominated by GEMA for the German Music Author's Award in the “Young Talent” category. In January 2011, the artist announced her withdrawal from the music business.



  • 2004: inside
  • 2006: goldfish


  • 2009: your island


  • 2005: The Pull (Promo)
  • 2005: Old Women (Promo)
  • 2005: Filter (Promo)
  • 2006: If you don't open the sky
  • 2006: Never at Home / Lifeboat (Promo)
  • 2007: Almost like summer (Promo)

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