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Clinical Pastoral Education (KSA) (engl. Clinical Pastoral Education , CPE), is a form of pastoral education . As a scientific method, the KSA belongs to pastoral psychology .

History and program

The method was founded in the United States in the 1930s by the Protestant theologian Anton T. Boisen . Originally a pastor, Boisen introduced psychological training as part of practical theology to Protestant theology studies. He himself was one of the first professors to teach pastoral psychology in the USA and developed the CPE model. KSA came in the 1960s in the Netherlands and from there in the years to Germany , where she pioneered by Hans Christoph Piper at the Medical School in Hannover was established.

In the KSA, pastors and pastoral workers gain experience in a specific field of practice such as hospital chaplaincy or prison chaplaincy . They hold conversations, of which progress logs are drawn up in retrospect . The concrete experiences are reflected in a group process and analyzed from a psychological and pastoral point of view. In addition to studying psychology, KSA courses are aimed at making the psychodynamic process within the candidate group the subject of learning. For this reason, a common time within the group is usually set at the beginning of the training.

KSA supervision trainings run over several levels and years. The candidates work in learning and teaching supervision . You complete the training with various degrees. The main degree is that of the supervisor . Teachers can further qualify for the status of teaching supervisor.

KSA training courses are offered in many countries. Their offers are often adapted to regional conditions. Approximation of the standards and equivalent degrees are sought. Pastoral care and practical theology received strong impulses in Germany and Europe from the KSA. In the USA the method is relevant for the qualification of theologians in hospital and prison chaplaincy , in military chaplaincy and police chaplaincy . There are KSA training centers in Australia and New Zealand . KSA institutes also exist in the Philippines , Malaysia , India , Hong Kong and Singapore .

Well-known German instructors

Well-known German training institutions


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