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Stereoscopy number 871 as a postcard with a view over Hamburg's Nikolaifleet towards the Katharinen Church
Addresses of the photographers in Hamburg and Cuxhaven on a cabinet photograph
Studio photograph of a couple, around 1890
Invoice form of the " Licht- und Steruckerei " from 1909
In Helgoland 1907 envoys card;
unknown originator

The company of Messrs. Knackstedt & Näther (KN) maintained various photographic studios in Hamburg and Cuxhaven , a light and lithographic printing company and a publishing house in the 19th and 20th centuries .


On September 30, 1889, Wilhelm Georg Ludwig (Louis) Knackstedt (* February 17, 1865 in Peine, † June 10, 1916 in Munich) and Hermann Gustav Näther (* 1866 in?; † after 1925 in Hamburg) founded the Knackstedt & Näther, art institute for collotype and photography .

Hermann Näther apparently left the joint company as early as 1892. In that year, Ludwig Knackstedt and the photographer Gotthilf Constabel from Hanerau-Hademarschen founded a joint company based in Hanerau-Hademarschen and Hamburg. From 1893 the following entry can be found in the Hamburg address book: Constabel & Knackstedt, Art Institute for Collotype and Photography, Inh. G. Constabel and L. Knackstedt with the address Pelzerstr. 8, the following year with the address Eppendorfer Landstrasse 190, later Eppendorfer Landstrasse 106. In the Hamburg address book from 1901 the last advertisement can be found.

The Knackstedt & Näther company initially continued to exist. Ludwig Knackstedt is listed as the sole owner in the address books. The offer in the Hamburg address book from 1905 is: light and stone printing, chromographic institute, photographic studio for portraits and industrial photos . It is shown under: Collotype printing companies, postcards, photographic studios, art institutions and lithographic printing houses.

According to the entry in the Hamburg address book from 1908, Ludwig Knackstedt is the owner of Chrom. lithographed Kunstanstalt HAJ Schultz & Co Nachf. In Hamburg, Wagnerstr. Turned 70. Approx. In 1911 he made his daughter Juliane , who lived in Paris , a co-owner.

In the course of 1911, the Photographische Anstalt, Licht- und Steruckerei Knackstedt & Näther GmbH went bankrupt. The company was re-established on May 4, 1910 as Knackstedt & Co. at Wagnerstrasse 70.

The photographic studio at Deichstrasse 17 in Cuxhaven was founded in 1895 by Hermann Meißner . In 1896 it was taken over by Knackstedt & Näther . Ms. A. Jensen then became the owner (date of takeover is not known). Since the name Knackstedt & Näther was well established, the next owner, Adolf Hoffmann, continued to run the studio under this name (the date of the takeover is not known). In 1919 Harry Glocke took over the studio and continued to run it under his own name.

The company was often active for the Society for the Promotion of Amateur Photography Hamburg and its members. (today: Free Association of Amateur Photographers in Hamburg )

The company also produced stereo images for stereoscopes .

From 1908 onwards, according to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, there was probably a collaboration between KN and A. Bruhn .

Headquarters and branches

Photographic studios

  • Hamburg, Eppendorfer Landstrasse 190
from 1890 to 1899
  • Hamburg, Pelzerstraße 8
from 1891 to 1893
from 1893 to 1900
from 1893 to 1897
  • Hamburg, Eppendorfer Landstr. 106
from 1901 to 1906
  • The photographic atelier Arthur Pätzold advertises in the Hamburg address book born in 1907 with the address Bachstr. 22 with the addition: formerly Knackstedt & Näther
  • The photographic studio Martha Bontemps with address Gr. Bleichen 30 provides the back of photographs with the addition: The plates from Knackstedt & Näther and A. Pätzold Wwe. Formerly Knackstedt & Näther have passed into my possession ...
  • The photographic studio Rudolf Henkel with the address Hofweg 50 provides front pages of photographs with the addition: vorm. Knackstedt & Näther
  • The photographic studio Paul Kruse advertises in the Hamburg address book from 1911 at the address Eppendorfer Landstr. 106 with the addition: formerly portrait studio v. Knackstedt & Näther
  • The photographic atelier Knackstedt & Näther with the address Cuxhaven, Deichstraße 17 provides front pages of photographs with the addition: Owner: Ms. A. Jensen


  • Hamburg, Eppendorfer Landstr. 190
from 1890 to 1900
from 1901 to 1910
  • Hamburg, Heuberg 9, Stadtcomptoir and distribution warehouse
from 1907 to 1910
  • Hamburg, Wagnerstrasse 70 (known as Knackstedt & Co)
from 1911 to?
  • In the Hamburg address book from 1912: Knackstedt & Co (additionally) folding box factory
  • In the Hamburg address book from 1914: Knackstedt & Co (additionally) making postage stamps
  • In the Hamburg address book from 1915: Knackstedt & Co (additionally) gravure printing, advertising stamps, posters


Own works

  • Hamburg pictures from the cholera period . Leporello with 11 photographers Illustrations, 15 × 9.5 cm, Knackstedt & Näther, Hamburg, 1892
  • The Kiel Canal in 15 photographs based on the photographs carried out on behalf of the Imperial Canal Commission in Kiel. Leporello with 15 photographers Recordings, Constabel u. Knackstedt, Hamburg, undated, (around 1895). Class-8 °, HLwd. with cover title u. Cover illustration in black and Gold.
  • Fabian Landau, memorial stones. From the history of Hamburg and Altona since their foundation to the present day. 74 text pages and num. Fig. On 49 (5 folded) plates, 24 × 16 cm, Knackstedt & Näther, Hamburg, 1907
  • Remembrance of the opening of Hamburg Central Station , December 4, 1906. 18 photo plates. in collotype, printed by Knackstedt & Näther, Hamburg, approx. 1907
  • Remembering the von Bodelschwingh institutions in Bethel. Leporello with 10 views. Landscape format 12 × 18 cm, Knackstedt & Co. Hamburg, (no year, around 1912)
  • The KN company is known to have its own photographs; For example, the additional print “Knackstedt & Näther, Photographen, Hamburg” is known on the cardboard supports of portrait and cabinet photographs.


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  4. The rear building was used as a studio for portrait photography for decades: from 1871 to 1887 by the well-known Benque & Kindermann studio ; from 1889 to 1892 from the Johannes Schneider studio, 1893 to 1900 from the Knackstedt & Näther studio, from 1901 to 1902 from the Anna Pätzold studio and until 1909 from the studio of Ms. Martha Bontemps.
  5. From 1910 the Albert Büttner Postkartenverlag operates under this address. There are imprints like Büttner Verlag - vorm. Publishing dept. Knackstedt & Näther can be found on some postcards. Maybe that's an explanation. The prestigious Boysen & Maasch bookstore was located in the same building.

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