Cabbage sausage

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Lung sausage on offer at a butcher in Schwerin
Lung sausage from Mecklenburg
Lung sausage from Schwerin

Cabbage sausage , lung sausage or Lung sausage is a simple, strong smoked raw sausage from lung , pork and fat , which usually cooked cabbage dishes such. B. Knieperkohl is eaten. It is best known in northeast German, northwest German and Silesian cuisine. In Denmark, in the Danish part of Schleswig (Sønderjylland), cabbage sausage is also known. There it is called Kål-pølse (cabbage sausage) and is eaten at New Year's Eve celebrations and during the cold seasons.

To make cabbage sausage, first pork (often slaughter leftovers ) and fat are minced , then a similar proportion of raw, cleaned lungs. Everything is mixed together and, depending on the recipe , seasoned with onions , salt , pepper , marjoram , thyme , mustard seeds and allspice . Then the sausage meat is not too tightly filled into the intestines and smoked for one to two weeks.

Cabbage sausage is not fried or boiled, but only gently cooked in the finished vegetables.

Comparable sausages are Bregenwurst and Pinkel .