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The kolkhoz is an association (known as a farce ) of hip-hop artists from Stuttgart founded in 1992 . It represented the core of the Stuttgart hip-hop / street culture scene in the 1990s. The collective sees itself as an open artist group and movement, whose inner circle is focused on writers, media scholars and visual artists.

The collective farm includes Jean-Christoph Ritter (Schowi), João dos Santos (Ju), Wasilios Ntuanoglu (Wasi) and Max Herre representative of the Freundeskreis , Massive Töne and Afrob groups . The collective farm's DJs are DJ 5ter Ton, DJ Friction and DJ Emilio. In addition, members of Die Krähen, Deine Quelle, Skills' n Masse, Breite Seite, Active Artists, Fubar, South Side Rockers, DJ Bombastico, as well as numerous writer crews (usp, tsp, hws, cdu, coma, suma) were actively involved in the Kolkhoz with.

The kolkhoz members Jean-Christoph Schowi Ritter (MC der Massiven Töne) and Johannes Strachi Strachwitz founded the 0711 office in 1996 , which later became the 0711 Entertainment company .

At the HipHop Open 2012, the kolkhoz was largely back on stage together for the first time in over 15 years.

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