Kreuznacher Diakonie Kantorei

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Kreuznacher Diakonie Kantorei
Seat: Bad Kreuznach / Germany
Carrier: Kreuznach Diakonie Foundation
Founding: 1903
Genus: Integrative Kantorei
Founder: August Stern
Head : Helmut Kickton
Voices : 40 ( SATB , strings and wind instruments )
Website : Choir archives in the Internet Archive

The Kreuznacher-Diakonie-Kantorei ( proper spelling : kreuznacher-diakonie-kantorei ) is an integrative cantorei and today consists of around 40 active musicians, mainly singers, strings, woodwinds and brass. The church musician Helmut Kickton has been cantor since 1987 .

Church music has been cultivated at the kreuznacher diakonie foundation in Bad Kreuznach since 1903. The choir maintains certain aspects of historical performance practice : As one of the first choirs of modern times, it sings again in the traditional arrangement of the 17th and 18th centuries with the orchestra behind the choir. The vocalists of the choir are divided into three levels. During performances, the soloists sing the arias and recitatives from the choir and also perform cantatas with soloists. Concerts in the Kantorei are always free of charge, the collections are used for charitable purposes. A special focus of the choir is on the integration of people with physical and mental disabilities .

In 2003 the Choir was awarded the Zelter badge by the Federal President . The Kantorei operates a freely available sheet music archive on the Internet. It includes more than 15,000 sheet music files for choir, choir and orchestra, orchestra, brass, recorder, chamber music and organ. The main focus of the archive is on editions of Baroque works for choir and orchestra that have been set up for practical use, as scores, individual parts and exposed figured bass.


The choir was founded in 1903 and sang for the first time on October 18, 1903 at the consecration of 33 deaconesses . The director was the retired teacher August Stern . After August Stern's death, the city's music director Gisbert Enzian took over the choir until 1919. Other choirmasters were Rev. Otto Lauxmann, Paula Stern, Dr. Bender and the deacons Heinrich Goecke and Paul Feld. Elisabeth Romünter served as the first full-time cantor the choir from 1954 to 1987. in 1968 under her leadership, the chamber orchestra of kreuznacher diakonie under the name was staff music ( MM ) was founded. In 1976 the choir was merged with the nurses' choir to form the deacon choir. The choir, orchestra and trombone choir have existed as an integrative kreuznacher-diakonie-kantorei under the direction of Helmut Kickton since 1987 .


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