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Helmut Kickton

Helmut Kickton (born June 28, 1956 in Cologne ) is a German church musician .

life and work

Helmut Kickton was born in Cologne into a family of lawyers and publishers. He is the great-grandson of Hermann Julius Rudolf Kickton and the grandson of Hermann Kickton and Ewald Schawe . He is related to the church builder Arthur Kickton , the composer Erika Kickton , the chemist Louis Arthur Kickton and the author Thomas Le Blanc . Ancestors who were active in church music were the Königsberg cantor Georg Riedel and the song writer Jakob Ebert . He is married to the church musician Doris Kickton.

After high school and community service , he studied Protestant church music at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf with Hans-Dieter Möller and Hartmut Schmidt . He passed the A-exam in 1986 with honors in the subjects of organ improvisation and music history . In a subsequent ten-year advanced training phase, he autodidactically acquired basic knowledge of playing over 40 string and wind instruments , including flute , oboe , clarinet , alto saxophone and trumpet, as well as falsetto singing .

Kickton began working as an organist in the Cologne-Merheim hospital in 1973 . After a shorter position as a part-time organist and choir director in Mülheim (Cologne), he worked from 1976 to 1983 at the Jesus Christ Church and in the Evangelical Hospital in Kalk (Cologne) . This was followed by three years of work in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim . Since 1987 he has been cantor of the kreuznacher diakonie foundation . Together with the Kreuznacher-Diakonie-Kantorei , he developed the model of the integrative choir , in which people from different realities of life, especially disabled people, make music together with voices and instruments. His concert events are always free of charge and with their collections they support charitable projects, including the Bad Kreuznach hospice work and an institution for homeless women . Inspired by historical sources , he introduced the choir to be placed in front of the orchestra at the performances of his choir from 2000. In addition to his work as an organist, he plays solo on the violin , baroque violin , harpsichord , recorder , trombone and bagpipes . As part of his choir, he also works as a violist , cellist , double bass player , guitarist , lutenist , timpani and euphonium player . As an ensemble singer, he often accompanies himself on the cello or double bass. Since 2005 he has directed and played the winter church music and organ series Kirchentöne . In 2000 he was awarded the golden crown cross for his services in church and diakonia .


Sheet music editions

As the publisher of free sheet music on the Internet, he gained worldwide fame. His choir archive, opened in 2002, now includes more than 15,000 music files ( PDF ) for choir , choir and orchestra, orchestra , brass , recorders , chamber music , organ and bagpipes. The main focus of the archive is on Baroque works for choir and orchestra. In addition to some Urtext editions, the material at hand includes mainly editions designed for practical use. In the case of baroque works of church music, the arrangements often consist of an adaptation to modern choirs by exchanging voices and transposing them . In a cappella compositions, there are arrangements with well-developed instrumentation as well as preludes and interludes, some in the style of a pasticcio . The music editions consist of scores , individual parts and elaborated figured bass . The number of downloads per year was more than four million files in August 2006, and the sheet music is also offered via the Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) and the International Music Score Library Project . In 2015, the range of scores was expanded to include a chorale book for orchestra, which contains over 240 public domain chorales and Christmas carols in various encodings. A separate edition of the Christmas carols in landscape format has been optimized for display on laptops and smartphones . In 2017 a collection with 40 instrumental movements on German folk songs was published and in 2018 another chorale book with 260 three-part song movements in any scoring.


Audio documents



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