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Kuanua (also Tolai, Gunantuna, Tinata Tuna, Tuna, Blanche Bay, New Britain Language, or Tolai Tok Ples) is the mother tongue of the indigenous Tolai people on the Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain (New Britain, colonial German : Neupommern) in Bismarck- archipelago of Papua New Guinea . It is also a second language ( commercial, linguistic and church language ) in New Britain, the Duke of York Islands and parts of the neighboring island of New Ireland (New Ireland, formerly Neumecklenburg). Kuanua belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian subgroup of the Austronesian languages .

According to the SIL ( Christian "Linguistic Summer Institute") count , there were around 61,000 native speakers and around 20,000 second speakers in 1991 (the Tolai now have over 120,000 members). The language is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in Papua New Guinea. There are several dialects : Vunadidir, Rapitok, Raluana, Vanumami, Livuan, Matupit, Kokopo, Kabakada, Nodup, Kininanggunan, Rakunei, Rebar, Watom and Masawa. Due to the early contact with Christian missionaries , introductions to this language and Bible translations were published in Kuanua as early as the colonial times .

The current official language Tok Pisin and the English language are also common languages . The Tolai had regular contact with Europeans between 1870 and 1875 and provided a large proportion of the workforce on European plantations in the South Pacific . The lingua franca of Papua New Guinea, Tok Pisin, which originated on the plantations, therefore draws up to 10 percent of its words from the Kuanua language of the Tolai.


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