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Kurt Ard (* 1925 in Copenhagen ) is a Danish illustrator , painter and graphic artist . He became internationally known for a large number of covers for magazines from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, including the Scandinavian magazines Allers and Familie Journalen and the German Hörzu .

Kurt Ard followed his emigrated family to California , USA , in 1950 and began his career in New York with various smaller magazines and magazines. Ard worked in the same realistic tradition of painting as his model, the American illustrator Norman Rockwell (1894–1978). In 1953 he returned to his homeland, Denmark, and four years later he made his breakthrough with cover illustrations for Hörzu, among others.

Kurt Ard is self-taught and had a simpler style than Rockwell, but he too won great audience recognition for his craftsmanship and his often popular and humorous cover illustrations. However, both Rockwell and Ard's seductive everyday motifs have been criticized as kitsch and sentimental idyll .

Kurt Ard worked a. a. for Scandinavian weekly magazines as well as for the American Saturday Evening Post , Reader's Digest and McCall’s . He designed around 260 covers for the German company Hörzu .

Kurt Ard is a member of the Danske populærautorer and has a. a. Text and melody for the song Mon Cœur , which came in second place in Denmark's Melodi Grand Prix 1966 (preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest ). He has lived in Spain since 1972 .


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