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Kurt Paul Graf (born December 29, 1885 in Graefenroda , Thuringia; † October 11, 1955 in Reutlingen ) was a German business lawyer .


Graf was born as one of two children of Carl Vincent Graf and Anna Maria Ottilie Graf, b. Fischer, born. His father was a master plumber, his mother worked as a handicraft teacher.

After completing his school education, he completed a banking apprenticeship at the Hirschmann & Franke bank in Ilmenau and Arnstadt from 1902 to 1904. He then worked there briefly as a clerk, but then moved to Berlin, where he was employed by Commerzbank in 1904/05 and at Deutsche Bank from 1905 to September 1915 . At the same time, from 1911 on, he attended lectures at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin . The military service interrupted his professional career. He was drafted in September 1915 and last served as a lieutenant in the Landwehr. Because of a serious wound he was transferred to Tübingen.

At the local university , he continued his studies between summer term 1917 and spring term 1919 and his doctorate at the March 8, 1926 at William of flower (lawyer) on the incorporation law and incorporation contracts of cities in Prussia .

From autumn 1919 he was employed by the chairman of the arbitration committee in Stuttgart and from spring 1920 he was also deputy chairman himself. On September 1, 1920, he joined the textile manufacturer Ulrich Gminder GmbH in Reutlingen. He worked for him as in-house counsel until 1934 , then, until he retired at the end of 1950, as deputy managing director with individual signature.

In addition, in the years following the end of World War II, he held a leading position in several business associations. From 1946 to 1947 he was chairman of the cleansing committee for the economy in Württemberg-Hohenzollern. He was a co-founder and from 1947 to 1950 chairman of the State Association of Industry in Württemberg-Hohenzollern. From 1947 to 1950 he was a board member of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations . He was chairman of the social law committee of the Association of the Southwest German Textile Industry, commercial judge at the Tübingen regional court, labor judge at the regional labor court and a member of the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Graf was married to the philologist Margarete Tannert.



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