Léonard-Léopold Forgemol de Bostquénard

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Léonard-Léopold Forgemol de Bostquénard (born September 17, 1821 in Azerables , Département Creuse , †  November 28, 1897 in Paris ) was a French Général de division .

Forgemol de Bostquénard attended the Saint-Cyr Military School and joined the army in Algeria in 1841 . During the Franco-Prussian War he was appointed Chief of Staff of the 17th Army Corps and then promoted to Général de brigade in 1871 . Eventually he was used as chief of the general staff in the 7th Army Corps in Besançon .

After Forgemol de Bostquénard had been promoted to Général de division in 1879, he came to the suppression of an uprising in Constantine in Algeria. In 1881 he commanded a division of the expeditionary corps that occupied Tunis , and soon after became commander in chief there . He returned to France to become commander of the 11th Army Corps in Nantes in October 1883 , which he commanded until February 1, 1890.